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We’ve all cried those dreaded words... “I can’t believe this is happening!” ...”Why?” Most of us turn to a dark, painful place. But, trying to numb the pain of that failed relationship with drugs or alcohol is NOT a good coping strategy. Yet, many people do it thinking it’s the easiest solution. But, it’s not.

Now, there truly is an easy solution. It’s all-natural and, it’s 100% safe & effective! With The Break Up Pill’s unique proprietary blend, coping with physical and psychological issues after a break-up becomes nearly effortless. Experience the benefits for yourself...

Eliminate Emotional Distress

Did you know that emotional pain shares the same neuropathways as physical pain?

This is why a 'Break Up' feels like someone kicked you in the stomach. Actually, brain research suggests that most people prefer the physical pain to the emotional pain. Emotional pain is much stronger and more difficult to overcome. Many people experiencing a break-up, become flooded with intense feelings of hopelessness and distress. And, those feelings don’t seem to go away.

But, now, there's good news.

A group of scientific researchers have discovered a powerful, All-Natural, proprietary blend that’s designed to eliminate the emotional distress and have you feeling happy, confident and “back on your feet” again. They call it “The Break Up Pill”

How it works

During a break-up, our body treats the emotional pain the same way it treats the physical pain. Hormones are released as a form of protective action. Norepinephrine, which is similar to adrenaline, plummets...leaving us energy-deprived and unmotivated. In addition, the body is also releasing Cortisol, “the stress hormone,” on a consistent basis. And, too much cortisol, according to Dr. Sood, chair of Mayo Mind Body Initiative at Mayo Clinic, “can lead to serious issues.”

The Break-Up Pill™ packs a remarkable combination of six powerful, all-natural ingredients such as Inositol, often referred to as “natural brain food” and St. John’s Wort Extract... to aide in energizing our body and our brain... making us feel alive again. Fatty acids, such as Fish Oil and Borage Oil contribute to the decrease of inflammation and nerve damage. And, studies have been conducted regarding the effects Saffron Extract and S-Adenosyl-Mehionine have in the elimination of emotional distress.

100% All-Natural heartbreak Relief

6 all-powerful, all-natural ingredients

  • Inositol

    "Natural Brain Food" targets our neural pathways to help remedy mood disorders.

  • St. John's Wart Extract

    Aids in energizing our bodies through the central nervous system ... feeling more "alive".

  • Fish Oil

    Contributes to the decrease of inflammation and nerve damage.

  • Borage Oil

    Helps alleviate symptoms of autoimmune disorders and neural inflammation.

  • Saffron Extract

    Provides special beneficial lift for mood disorders.

  • S-Adenosyl-Mehionine

    Targets the methylation pathway, leading to an increase in energy and mood.

Success Stories

  • Yes, I had some doubt at first. But, since this required little effort on my end, I promised myself that I would give The Break Up Pill a chance. ‘Taking just one pill a day, that’s easy enough for me to do. I’ll see if this really works.’ And, it did! - I started feeling a difference in self esteem with my confidence growing stronger every day. That nasty feeling of hopelessness and sorrow started to vanish. Then, one night while I was going to bed, I remember thinking, ‘Wow, I’m looking forward to tomorrow.’ - At that point, I knew my heart was healed. Today, I’m feeling more alive than ever! The Break Up Pill is incredible!

    Christina A.

  • My boyfriend and I did everything together. We had so many good times together. We were best friends. That is until I was dumped. I was hurting so bad that I physically couldn’t get out of bed. I couldn’t eat ...and, at times, I couldn’t breathe. Then my life changed for the better with one little care package from my mother. When I opened it, I found a bottle called The Break Up Pill. On the packaging it read... ’100% All-Natural, Safe and Effective with No Side Effects.’ Now what I’m most thankful for is my new positive attitude. I feel like I can do anything. ‘What a complete turnaround!’

    Elizabeth R.

  • I know that I’m not the only woman who has had a fiancé end an engagement abruptly. I know that even the strongest of relationships crumble from time-to-time. I was on the internet one day and there online was The Break Up Pill I remember thinking.... ‘Really, some company developed a pill for a break-up?’ Once I read about the science behind this remarkable product, it made complete sense. Our body is chemically reacting to rejection. This isn’t emotion. This is our body telling us not to let go. This is similar to someone going through an addiction withdrawal. After a week of taking the pill I remember thinking, ‘Wow, I’m looking forward to tomorrow.’ - At that point, I knew my heart was healed. Thanks Break-up Pill!

    Brittany M.

"Only 22% of Breakups are Mutual."

... so, in 78% of occurences ... it's likely that one person feels a great deal worse than the other...